Rolex GMT-Master Stainless Steel Buying Guigeline

Of course, the headlines surrounding the Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 116710LN all revolve around its bezel. Rolex’s newly patented material will replace the inserts used in many of the brand’s sports/tool watches, which have been made of aluminum since the 1950s. Although strong and resilient, aluminum is susceptible to scratching and fading over time with normal wear and use. developed entirely in-house by replica Rolex, is highly resistant to scratching and virtually impervious to fading from UV light.
Starting as very fine zirconia or alumina powder, the substance is mixed with various pigments to provide its final color and, together with adhesive glue, allows it to be molded into the desired shape. The material is then molded by placing it under high pressure and heating it to approximately 1,600°C before allowing it to cool, which reduces its volume by 25% and gives it incredible strength and hardness. The numerals are engraved with a diamond-tipped milling cutter, then the markings are filled with platinum or 18-carat gold (yellow or stellar) using PVD technology, and finally, the entire part is polished.
The Cerachrom represents an important step forward for fake Rolex as a brand. However, in the case of the GMT-Master II model 116710LN, a piece of the puzzle is still missing. Rolex had yet to figure out how to add two colors to the bezel, something that has been the calling card of the collection from the beginning. The GMT’s two-tone bezel has become an important feature of the watch.
Rolex didn’t address the issue of two-tone ceramics until 2013 when it introduced the Ref. It wasn’t until 2013 that Rolex introduced the model 116710BLNR with a blue and black Cerachrom bezel, earning the watch another unofficial name (“Batman”). All this considered, the reference 116710LN is not the first GMT watch with a black bezel in the company’s history. Fake Rolex has offered an all-black bezel option for the GMT-Master and GMT-Master II since the early 1970s, so the fact that the Ref. 116710LN comes with a solid-colored bezel is not a departure from the history of the line, but simply a reflection of Rolex’s manufacturing capabilities at the time.

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