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After Rolex Smurf New White Gold Model Introduced

In the same way, the green Rolex “Hulk” submarine is supported on a new stainless steel model with a green border inserted into the front of the 18k white gold Submariner. The 116,619LB Smurf has been discontinued and replaced with a new platinum mode that follows the same 41mm 2021 design as the rest of the new submarine watches.
Moreover, just like how the stainless steel “Hulk” was equipped with a green dial to match its green Cerachrom bezel, the now-discontinued Rolex “Smurf” was fitted with a blue dial to match its blue Cerachrom bezel. Also, in the same way, that Rolex now fits a black dial to the green bezel version of the stainless steel Submariner, the new 18k white gold reference 126619LB features a black dial paired with its blue ceramic bezel insert.
While stainless steel fake Rolex Submariner watches always feature Oyster bracelets with entirely brushed links, the two-tone and solid gold models feature high-polished surfaces on the center links of their bracelets. Nevertheless, these new models represent significantly less of an update compared to their now-discontinued predecessors. Just like before, both models are offered with either the option of black or blue dials and bezels, with identical retail pricing for both colors. The greatest change to note here is that while the text on the blue dials from the previous generation is gold, the text is white on the blue dials from the new 41mm generation.
Despite the new movement and updated color profile, the most discussed aspect of the new 2021 Rolex Submarine watch is its new 41mm casing size. Many collectors consider 40mm the perfect size for a sports watch; However, there is no denying the fact that the replica Rolex submarines of the 1990s just look a bit small compared to the brand’s other modern watches.
No matter what anyone says about the new 41mm case diameters, these new Rolex Submariner watches will undoubtedly be some of Rolex’s best-selling models. Just like with the previous generation of the Submariner – together with virtually every single other stainless steel fake Rolex sports watch – these new 41mm Submariner models will likely have multi-year waiting lists at retailers around the world.
Unless you have a very good relationship with a local authorized retailer, you may need to get these new 2021 Rolex Submarine watches from the secondary market — if so, you can almost guarantee that they will trade significantly higher than the original all-new retail price.

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