2021 New Test on Tissot Heritage 1973

Watch collectors embarked on a journey through time as soon as they saw the new Tissot Heritage 1973, a watch that references a decade of adventures on the track by intrepid racers. While the 1970s is often referred to as the greatest decade of Formula One racing ever, it was certainly an accident-prone period. People weren’t baffled by the statistics, but by the stories, largely because of the willingness of the drivers to take risks. Anyone who ventured onto the track was not just an athlete, but a modern-day gladiator of popular acclaim. The oval-shaped case, the contrasting colorful subdials, and the mushroom-shaped pushers all reflect historical inspiration. With its stopwatch function, perforated calfskin strap and tachymeter scale, the link to the world of racing is obvious. The latter is an analog aid that helps drivers calculate the average speed of their vehicles.
This additional function was present when the Tissot Navigator made its debut in 1973, and it is the inspiration for our contemporary fake Rolex watches. This ancestral watch also has different colored subdials, but only two, as the Navigator counts elapsed minutes from the center of the dial. This is the origin of the striking orange arrow, which Tissot has now transposed to the central chronograph hand of the new watch.
With a case size of 43 mm by 46.5 mm, the new model is in keeping with the spirit of our times, but not necessarily for slender wrists. The steel case has an impressively neatly finished surface. As a result, the case makes an all-around high-quality impression, with only the sharp edges at the base of the strap lugs being slightly obscured. Their sharpness is not obvious when wearing the watch, but is noticeable when you touch it with your fingertips. As is almost always the case with Tissot watches, the case back is pressed on, rather than screwed in. This is a simple solution for the construction of the watch and it does not adversely affect the water-resistance of the case to a depth of 100 meters.
On the other hand, the operation of the crown and pushers leaves much to be desired. Moreover, the decoration of the movement is attractive. Unfortunately, our test watch gained more than 10 seconds per day, as evidenced by the timing and wear tests. In addition, the small elapsed minute hand is not 100% vertical at its resting position but is tilted a fraction to the left. Lovers of vintage and sports replica watches will need to accept this imperfection if they choose the Heritage 1973. But perhaps they will interpret this minor flaw as a beauty that reminds them of the daring exploits of auto racing’s glory days when success relied less on technology and engineering and more on the passion and charisma of the drivers.

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